Aasha means “hope” in both Hindi and Nepali.  

Both languages have meaning in our family.  All four of our children were adopted from India, though Hindi was not their original language.  Our son Alex’s wife, Sangharshila, is a native of Nepal.  While working in Nepal as a pharmacist and teacher in a hospital, she was part of a small group of dedicated people who wanted to help some of the underprivileged people they passed on the streets every day.  They believed that it was just as important to follow the teachings of Jesus as it was to talk about the teachings of Jesus.  So they formed a group called “Eternal Hope Nepal.”  Eternal Hope Nepal continues to work among the poorest of Nepal’s people, offering educational opportunities to both children and adults so that they can improve their lives and climb out of the cycle of poverty and despair.  

At Aasha Utah, we continue this service, providing an outlet for the products made by the Nepalese people and donating a portion of our proceeds to help support children in Nepal.  We do this through the sales of our quarterly pop up shops (see Our Quarterly Pop-Up Shops).

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My Mother Taught Me Never to Waste Anything!

Fashions Made from Recycled Fabrics

It started with true love after I first tried on a lehenga skirt in India.  It felt so comfortable, yet was so beautiful.  I had to reproduce that style and pattern.  I made a pattern, and found some wonderful local seamstresses in Utah to help me turn it into wonderful skirts.  Partly out of a desire to keep costs low, and largely out of the joy of finding discarded fabrics, sheets, etc. at thrift stores, in my mother’s basement and mine, etc., I started working to create a style that is uniquely Orchard Hill.

Unique Jewelry

Fashioned by Sangharshila using Orchard Hill handmade and recycled beads.


Sangharshila has a flair for fashion, and has started designing her own line of jewelry, utilizing beads made at Orchard Hill and also in her native Nepal.  In addition, we often break down and recycle beads and other jewelry elements from older pieces that we have found.










Handmade by the Women of Nepal

In Collaboration with Eternal Hope Nepal, we offer Unique clothing and other textiles.

Eternal Hope Nepal is a completely non-profit organization — that is, everything is donated to help the people of Nepal — that was founded with the purpose of helping the most outcast of women and children to be educated and taught skills that would help them rise out of poverty.  Our own Sangharshila was one of the founding members of the group.  Usha Wall, and others continue to work tirelessly to collect nutritional and educational supplies, and to educate the women and children of their native country.

In conjunction with Eternal Hope Nepal, we will offer some of their handmade clothing and home decor accessories during our quarterly pop-up shops.