Our Mission

At Orchard Hill we are busily occupied with a lot of different activities.  The purpose of this website is many fold.  First of all, we enjoy sharing our homeplace, which includes our home, gardens, animals, and occasionally Utah.  

We also want to share our Italian properties and to make them available for rentals from this site, though some are listed on other vacation rental sites.  In addition to the above, we offer quarterly Pop-up shop to provide opportunities for artisans in the US, Europe, and in developing countries to  have an outlet for their products.  Through our shops, we will also offer vintage and unique “found” treasures from our travels.

 In conjunction with our other activities, we raise high-quality Rex Rabbits.  Information about our rabbitry can be found in this website.  And, last of all, the engine that runs all of our wonderful activities, KCB Architecture has a link in this site, as well.