Quarterly Pop-up Shops

As a part of our international family, we have connections from all over the world.  We are involved in a charitable group called Eternal Hope Nepal, that assists in the education and vocational training of women and children from the lowest castes of society.  We provide work opportunities to these people by making available some of their products.  We also have connections with Colombia, South America, and will occasionally offer leather and other goods from that country.

In addition, to those goods, we find vintage and antique treasures on our frequent travels in Italy and France.  


And, at Orchard Hill, we produce pottery and jewelry, as well as unique clothing items made from recycled fabrics we find in both the United States and our travels throughout the world.


We are not primarily a commercial enterprise, but make our products available on a quarterly 24-hour basis so that we can assist various people and artisans throughout the world.

Artisan Pottery

From the Pottery Studio at Orchard Hill

We love throwing pots, as well as hand building.  Whenever we have a pop-up shop, there will be something from our pottery studio.  Please be aware that these are hand thrown, or hand built pieces.  We often use recycled clay.  Because we are a small studio and are often experimental in our practices, there may/will be flaws in our pieces.  Each piece is unique, and often rustic.  

Lehenga-Style Skirts

Our skirts are inspired by the elegant skirts of India.  Long, full, fitting snugly just at and below the waist, and flaring out in twenty gores that flatter most women.  


Treasures from our Travels

When we visit our home in Liguria, Italy, we often visit brocante markets in France, as well as treasure hunting in Italy.

Made from our Orchard Hill Angora Wool

Our Satin Angora rabbits provide luxurious, soft natural fibers for 


Sample Pieces